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We provide travel services for guests with VIP status. The list of what we offer includes charter flights , luxury hotels accommodation, limousines rent, private concierge service, special visits and many more.


Being a tour operator company we create our own products, including tour packages, kids friendly family trips, theme programs, special visits, etc. We do not have scheduled departures but each itinerary is carefully tailor-made according to your demands and interests.
We sell EMOTIONS, not visits to museums!



St Petersburg






We work with both travel agents and private clients.

Being a tour operator company we have a worldwide network of our agents and partners who sell our services in the EU, USA, Canada, and UK. For some of them, we play the role of the local incoming hub providing services that are not on our list or on a special request. These might be theme visits, exclusive activities, special events, etc.

Still, we have a number of private clients who order with us directly. Most of them are repeating travelers or corporate clients doing some business travel or meetings.

We always are opened to new contacts and happy to provide the best service available on the market.

No matter a direct client or travel agent you will get a perfect proposal fitting your budget and expectations.

Yes, we are a fully licensed tour operator company for international incoming and domestic tourism. Our license # РТО 006870 and you can check for more info here.

The Government relaxes restrictions on entry/exit rules for Russia
8 June 2020 16:00

The restrictions on entry/exit for Russia, introduced to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus have been relaxed. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a directive to this effect.

Russian citizens can leave the country to attend to close relatives abroad who need care. The same applies to those who need to go abroad for medical treatment as well as to work or study.

Foreign nationals can enter Russia under similar conditions; if they intend to undergo treatment in a Russian medical facility or to take care of close relatives that are sick.

Speaking at the 8 June meeting of the Presidium of the Coordination Council to control the incidence of novel coronavirus infection, Mikhail Mishustin said that the decision to amend the existing entry/exit restrictions was made after reviewing citizens’ requests to the Government.

Please check for current updates from Government here.
Please check for current updates from Russian Tourism Board here.

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